Common Misconceptions about SEO

Search engine optimization, for some reasons, is perceived to be similar to dark arts, employing some digital schemes. It isn’t all that, here are some misconceptions.

Search Engine Submission

Before, around the 90s, it’s a must to submit websites to search engines for optimization. Nowadays, it’s no longer necessary because of spamming concerns.

Meta Tags Bring Home the Bacon

Well, before meta tags may be a factor to increase rank. But Google has already eliminated meta tags from the equation. Google clarified that alright.

Links and Nothing But More Links

To a certain extent, yes, the number of links matter. But only, if all these links are authoritative. If your website is linked to another which is rather weak and dismal. Then it’s no good. One quality website link may be better than having 10 sloppy links.

Keywords Work

Create engaging content for your visitors, use keywords as naturally as possible. But don’t bombard them with keywords after keywords after keywords after keywords. Okay, you get the picture, that’s just annoying.

Social Media Guarantee

Social media helps, but never guarantees. The least social media can do is to increase exposure, but whether the visitor does click on the link is another story.

Links and Words

Just as with any other industry, the SEO industry is evolving. Don’t slack off and settle with having good content for the right site. Be willing to adapt to changes. Meta tags may become trendy again, who knows.

One-Stop Shop

Never. SEO is a process, and a never-ending one. You may rank number one today, but not until tomorrow comes. It’s not a one time big time deal, you have to keep working.

Only Professionals Can Understand

Seriously, this is the biggest misconception. The language of SEO may sound technical, but the concepts are relatively easy to grasp, as easy as ABC. Google and type in keywords, “understanding SEO”. Oh, wait, that’s just basically SEO in a wrap.

SEO Can’t Be Done Right Away

I don’t see why not. If you have the knowledge, then waste no time. There was competition already even before reading this article. Research, plan, implement. One step at a time. But definitely, start as soon as you get the whole picture.

I Just Don’t Have Time

You have time to check your ex-boyfriend’s Instagram. Perhaps, the problem isn’t so much with the lack of time, but with making time. You’ll be surprised how less time SEO takes once you’ve mastered the game.

Startups Have No Need for SEO

False. Big or small, businesses need SEO. What with the advent of online communities, SEO is like air we cannot live out. Learn about cost-effective strategies.

Matches and Ranks

Exact match domains no longer guarantee ranks. Thanks to spammers that used domains for ads.

AdWords are Effective

Yes, AdWords help. They adjust your campaign to suit the audience’s preference. Nonetheless, AdWords alone is not a guarantee. Learn more about effective SEO strategies.

Keyword Position Already Spells Success

True, key words and their positioning in your content may affect traffic and optimization. But just focusing on this alone is a deadlock. SEO success, most of the time, is a combination of everything else. Be creative and strategic altogether.

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