Should I Buy Multiple Domain Extensions for SEO?

One of the major issues confronting newly-established businesses is whether to buy multiple domain extensions for SEO purposes or will the .com URL extension suffice? In any case, one of primary considerations will be cost since purchasing a .com together with a .co, a .ca, a .org, and a .net URL extensions can really eat up the budget of a startup business.

But the merits of purchasing multiple domain extensions somehow outweighs the cost, especially if you are able to make very accurate projections about the future direction of your business. There have been many instances when a particular business failed to capitalize on the growing importance of dominating the URL extensions game, paving the way for the competition to really eat up the market. For example, if your business has and another company decided to use the same domain name but with a different extension like, then your market has been essentially divided.

The major gripe in multiple domain extensions is the cost. Imagine, if you were to get all available URL extensions and integrate that with your business name, then you are looking at a significant part of your budget earmarked for their yearly renewal alone. And you will have to take care of these for life. However, there is a solution to this. You can only choose the more popular URL extensions. For example, .com remains formidable. Country-specific extensions are also gaining widespread popularity. Examples include .ca for Canada, .au for Australia, and .uk for the United Kingdom. Also making a very strong showing is .co, .biz, .net, .info, and .org. The most important thing to do is to choose only those that are going to provide you with the best SEO results.

This is especially true for establishing your online credibility and brand image. If your domain extension is anything but the mainstream, people will not really take you seriously. So, it is very important to own all of your URL extensions.

Moreover, it is also important to recognize the future direction of your business. You may be small now but in the next 10 years, do you think you will already be an enterprise? Additionally, good breaks can open up a lot of opportunities. While you may not be thinking of creating a TV show or even a webcast for your business anytime in the future, investing in a .tv URL extension might be a good idea. At the very least, you have something to develop in the near future.

Try to consider newer URL extensions such as .shop, .jewelry, and .company. And there are plenty more down the line. The important thing to consider is to choose a URL extension that is closely associated with your business. So, if you were into the design, development, marketing, sales, and distribution of jewelries and accessories, maybe you need to consider getting a .jewelry extension.

The bottom line is for you to get as many URL extensions that are highly relevant and very useful for your business. Each of these URL extensions can become a superb magnet for driving traffic to your website.

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