The Best Internet Marketing Tools for Any Business Owner

Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Paid Ads and Content Development are an ongoing process that goes far beyond the Keyword research, registering on, google my business and adding local citations to a website.

Whether you own or work for a Brick/Mortar or an Ecommerce Store, there are several approaches to take to establish an online presence. Most likely, you are busy managing a team, running the day to day, finding new leads, reaching out to prospects, answering emails, answering questions.

Are you constantly thinking ‘How could I possibly scale at this pace?” “How are my competitors growing so quickly?” “How are they finding the time and capital to scale while I am left behind?”

Truthfully, you are going to need help to achieve tremendous results. Whether it’s a virtual assistant, or freelancer to help running a project for a couple of hours, the help will certainly make your business gain momentum and keep the chains moving.

I’m going to provide you with tools to start figuring out your road map, but most importantly, to execute. Determine the blueprint to YOUR success and find what it takes to ensure growth for your business on a weekly basis.

1.) Buzzsumo

Your Business needs to enhance its social media presence. First of all, not only does it open the opportunity to gain further reach from social media influencers, but it gives the ability to connect with the best profiles to grow.

Influencers have the power to spread knowledge about a certain product or service. With Buzzsumo, you will be able to find articles, infographics and guest post opportunities per the keyword or topic being searched. On the right hand side of the platform, the amount of social media shares are shown (Facebook Shares, Twitter Shares, Linkedin Shares) in order to best determine the most valuable results.

With Buzzsumo, you can also see statistics such as high average of retweets and if the influencers engage with the audience.

This fantastic tools lets users to see the backlinks that have been obtained per result. Therefore, dig in, search away and start compiling the best social influencers and backlinks that can take your brand, service, or product much farther on search engine results.

Price: 14 Day Free trial and then $99 per Month for the full version or stick to the free version for limited searches per day.

2.) Moz

Moz is a top Search Engine Optimization software that should be used by every single company. Moz resources allows to build in depth understanding of issues going on with a website, crawling errors, link status and on-page/off-page insights to boost performance. Fresh Web Explorer gives users the power to find Search Volume per keyword or phrase.

Tip: Select up to the last four weeks to better establish a deep search volume.

Tip #2: Research before developing content. Make sure what YOU write is always valuable and has the ability of actually being searched. Avoid the fluff.

Price:  30 Day Free Trial to get Started and then $99 Per Month

3.) Semrush

This is a fantastic tool to begin your “reverse engineering” process. See what the competitors are doing, and do it even better. With Semrush, you will be able to see the organic keywords the competition ranks for and your current standings as well. Therefore, strategize and create content per the results and missed opportunities.

Tip: Export the competitor’s results and your owns too. Filter by volume and examine which keywords need immediate attention. Build a content calendar and an action plan to add new topics to your website and blog.

Semrush also pulls the best paid ads per a competitor’s website to gather powerful insights of their adwords campaigns. Determine CPC, best performing ads and top keywords being used.

It makes it very simple to start bidding and showing up on the same search queries as the competition.

Price: Start with a 30-day trial and then it is just $70 dollars per month.

4.) Fiverr: Whether you are in need of a creative design, Digital Marketing, Video Animation, Programming, or other services to catapult your business, they can be found here. Price per work is pretty reasonable and truthfully it is a great resource to take time off your hands.

Do not be scared, invest a couple hundred the first month and measure the results.

Tip: Measure your investments vs. what you are able to accomplish by delegating the work to somebody else.

Tip: Big Hello Media is another fantastic resource. Branded as an affordable Online Design partner, they can help with e-store creation, email marketing campaign management, infographic creation and many other services to give you more time to focus to focus on your business.

5.) Upwork

This is a very powerful tool to help find freelancers and people that are willing to help out with any business effort. Think of it, as a way of building a dedicated team for your brand or service. People all over the world offer their skills in order to help you grow. Hire a local person in your country and start with another person across the globe to keep the business optimized while you sleep!

Tip: A friend of ours just launched a new project named Virtual Taskers. They also provide a great source of global freelancers.

6.) Trello and Asana

Trello and Asana are both productivity tools that will keep your to-dos in check, as well as your team members. Now that you are considering or have hired a team, utilize these web apps to make sure everybody is in sync. Assign daily/weekly tasks, save the best links and resources on the web, create new projects and manage your time efficiently to increase Your bottom line.

7.) Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Analytic tools will be your best friend. No questions asked. Make data-driven decisions and understand what is selling best, what is working, what is not working and how to improve per channel. Most importantly, find a way to use this data to create habits. Build transitions from a want mentality to a need mentality for your product.

Everything that is a “want” can essentially be consumed later, which overtime does not become essential to a lifestyle. However, everything that is a “need” does become a must-have for the consumer, therefore, increasing average time spent on site, decreasing bounce rate and allowing for more remarketing campaigns to run.

Start analyzing data based on what your customers feel.  Map cross-selling and upselling strategies to generate new opportunities for your customers. With these insights, your business should become much more desirable and relevant. See How we increased Conversion Rate by 167% in three weeks here.

8.) Infusion Soft

Infusionsoft is a powerful CRM that can goes beyond the basic customer email address and contact information. Bow down to one of the best tools in the market for any business. Marketing automation is the key to the game, and Infusionsoft is basically a cheat sheet that makes sure your business is always winning. Through this platform, you are able to boost Customer Lifetime Value and Customer retention by automating communication funnels.

Develop Email Marketing Campaigns, target behavioral based actions, create auto responders, sequences and triggers to effectively give them steady content on a strategic level. With InfusionSoft, your business will be able to identify each lead and how to best approach them per their decision making process on your website.

Price: Prices Start at $199 per month.


Growing and Establish an Online Presence for your brand/ e commerce store will take time and lots of dedication. Running it all by yourself can be a possibility, but getting help from freelancers or consultants will surely help get it to the next level.

Utilize these tools to get a boost, build a roadmap and level the playing field with the competition. Focus on what is working for your business, find the best ways to replicate it over and over and execute without fear. These Internet Marketing Tools will make a very big difference to your daily business approach and time management. Enjoy!


Ricardo Martinez, is the founder of Perconvly. A performance marketing digital marketing consulting company in Miami, Florida focusing on Search Engine Optimization, Content Development and Building Online Funnels to increase Conversion Rate. You can find him in front of the computer, making protein pancakes for breakfast and dinner, or simply building writing about internet marketing to spread some knowledge. @Perconvly @RicardoandRicky

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