The Importance of Quality Backlinks

The competition in online marketing played around the idea of ranking first in Google searches, or any search engine for that matter. The use of backlinks, for one, has been employed by many businesses as a strategy to make it to the top searches. More backlinks meant greater credibility and reputation with Google, and consequently the higher chances there is of being seen first. Lately though, with a new study found, backlinks per se aren’t all that matter.

Moz study revealed a surprising finding to the search engine optimization world. That, the number of backlinks aren’t that important as they used to be. The game has now changed.

What the Study Revealed

Moz wanted to find out the correlation between banklinks and search engine ranks, and therefore examined the top 50 searches in Google with around 15,000 closely-related keywords. True to what the study had hypothesized, a strong correlation indeed exists between backlinks and Google ranks.

Specifically, 99.2 percent of all top-ranking websites had an external, doesn’t matter if it’s only just one. Of individual pages, 77.8 percent had at least one referrer or that link from another page referring to the said individual page.

Notice the numbers of backlinks involved in the study. Even with just one link, a website or an individual page can nevertheless be ranked above the others by Google.

Are Backlinks the Be All and End All?

So yes, the study just revealed that backlinks are nevertheless important. But up to what extent? Can ranking still be achieved with other methods? The simple answer is, yes. By using competitive keywords, your website or page can become popular. This alternative method though is less powerful and you need to write or produce as many as you can. You can either write many engaging content with competitive keywords to create traffic for your site or page. That, or you can be extra creative and choose unique keywords where there’s less competition, thereby creating niche for your website or individual page.

There is also the possibility that an individual page may not have backlinks, but the website already has several of them. Your page may still make it to top searches, in this case. Remember that Google looks at the authority of the source. It is enough therefore that the website, where your page is located, has been linked to an authority. In the backlink study, it did not matter how many numbers of links were there. Only one external link will do for as long as that referring page is highly credible or the content is relevant and sensible.

How Many Banklinks Needed?

There is no specific number, more so there is no specific formula. As said, Google’s algorithm is presumptively anchored on quality over quantity. A website may only have one backlink, but the content is already very engaging and authoritative that immediately Google credits this and pushes your website up above others. So the answer lies in the strength of the referring site and not in the number.

When Less is More

In the case of backlinks, less sometimes is better. Again, this is not a number game after all. This is a game of quality. The sophisticated algorithm used by Google in determining which websites go first on page 1 can sense relevance and authority of content.

If you are in desperate need of promoting your site and you employ backlinks schemes, you may end up with more problems if you do not ensure its reliability. This especially holds true for spammed links, purchased links, or generally those backlinks obtained in treacherous ways or link-building strategies. These aren’t good practices at all, and Google is not more likely to condone such. The strategies have to equitable and fair, so Google is more than willing to penalize those than engage in unethical ways.

Best Practices

In the realm of online marketing and search engine optimization, there’s no better way to play the game than to adhere to ethical ways. That is to say to no manipulative backlink practices and to invest in engaging and relevant web sources for your website or individual pages. Focus on the authority of the referring site, other than just create numerous links that are less sensible, if not useless.

After all, there is no shortcut for any competition. In the race to the top 10 searches of Google, one has to continuously build strength for your website. Backlinks with pertinent, informative, and interesting content sources can be your best weapon.

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