Using Google+ for Business Reviews

The whole idea about search engine optimization is in creating a website that will rank highly on organic searches so that the correct group of people – your target customers – will be driven towards your website. Essentially, SEO is all about getting your website discovered or found by your potential customers. One great way to stay ahead of the competition and enhance your overall digital marketing campaign is by incorporating customer reviews about your business. With Google+ and a little bit of effort, you can increase your overall visibility on local searchers to turn your website visitors into customers.

Google+ and Google Maps Integration

If your business is listed on Google Maps, you will be able to leverage shared information with the different people who visit your website, Moreover, getting positive customer reviews on Google Maps will allow you to rank higher than your competition who don’t have any reviews. Consumers today look for signs of credibility and a brand image that speaks well of a business’ excellent reputation. This is one of the functions of business reviews as it provides consumers a peak into the credibility of your business. And with Google Maps listings now fully integrated with Google+ pages, your website just had 2 of the most potent tools in generating a positive brand reputation.

Requesting Customer Reviews

More and more customers use local searches giving Google maps unparalleled advantage. If you want to gain more customers, here are some tips you may want to consider in requesting business reviews from your customers.

  • Make it a habit to ask all of your customers to provide you with a review of your products and/or services. It does not really matter whether the customer is a loyal patron or a first-time client. The important thing is for you to be consistent in asking for reviews.
  • Encourage your customers to be as honest as they possibly can in their feedback. While it is understandable to get several 5/5 stars every now and then, flooding your reviews with only 5 stars will seem highly suspicious.
  • Encourage your customers to post their reviews using any internet-enabled device. If you plan on making your own review using your own business computer, you are running the risk of getting penalized by Google.
  • Let your customers write their reviews in their own way. It is, after all, their experiences with your products and/or services. Resist the temptation of providing them a script or a guide on what they can or cannot write in their review of your business.
  • A satisfied customer is more than willing to share his experiences with your business. He doesn’t need rewards nor any other form of incentive for writing a review. Doing so is like buying favorable reviews. It won’t look good on your credibility as a business and as an organization.

Requesting business reviews from your customers can help develop a more positive brand image while at the same time improve the online visibility of your business. Use Google+ for your business reviews and see your company succeed.

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