What to Expect from an SEO Company

Businesses today are beginning to recognize the importance of having a well-orchestrated search engine optimization campaign. Unfortunately, there is a general misconception that hiring an SEO company will already guarantee them results within a matter of days. Some businesses think that hiring an SEO company today will lead to them outperforming the competition in 2 to 3 days’ time.

It is quite understandable that some companies will be thinking this way either because they simply don’t know how SEO really works or because they have been given very unrealistic expectations by an SEO company that is less than ethical. Either way, this leads businesses to believe that SEO is magic. Sadly, nothing can be farther than the truth.

Before you can begin how an SEO company can help you with your digital marketing campaigns, it is imperative to understand the basics of search engine optimization.

The goal of SEO is to make your website more discoverable, or visible, on the various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The processes involved in making this happen is what comprises search engine optimization. Each of these techniques, while uniquely different, work together to improve the ranking of your website. The target is to land your website in the first spot of a search results page for a particular keyword. There are no less than 200 factors that are given corresponding values by search engines to come up with a numerical value corresponding to their ranking. For example, given that all other factors are equal, a website that has been in existence for several years will land on the top spot compared to a website that was only established for less than a year. What should be understood is that SEO is a strategy, not a tactic. And as strategies go, they are often targeted for long-term goals.

Now, a real SEO company understands this and as such will never promise you instant results within a matter of days. It takes a significantly long time for you to develop credibility and reputation – other factors considered by search engines – before you will see verifiable results on SERPs. Nonetheless, SEO has been shown to be the most effective inbound marketing strategy, beating Pay-per-Click ad campaigns and email marketing. The only other marketing activity that parallels the effectiveness of SEO is social media marketing. The reason why SEO beats social media marketing is that it does not eat up a significant amount of the marketing budget.

An SEO company will help your business appear in the top 3 positions of the search results. Studies show that the first 3 entries in the search results list generate more than 60 percent of all click-throughs. Compare this with the number 10 receiving only 2.4 percent and it is easy to understand why everyone wants to be on top. Less than 5 percent of all internet users will ever get to the second page of the SERPs.

Getting a reputable SEO company is one of the soundest and most cost-effective ways to help you in building an online presence that will last many years. Just keep in mind that it takes time before you can reach the top.

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