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If your business’s website doesn’t show up with the top 10 results of a search engine, then it can be considered to be non-existent on the web. This is why SEO is important for your business. It is the process of increasing your website’s rankings in the search results for keywords related to your business’s services. As a result, your business will be able to get high volumes of free, organic traffic in the long term. This makes SEO one of the best long term marketing investments for your business today.

To determine where a website should be ranked, search engines use unique algorithms to help them sort through and rank sites accordingly. These algorithms are only completely known by the top software engineers and developers with Google and Bing. However, by continuously ranking sites and monitoring the search engines behavior, these search ranking factors can be understood. Therefore, it’s very important that you hire an SEO company which has experience and put’s in the effort to monitor and keep up to date with the various algorithmic updates to help your business dominate in the search engines.

Why is SEO Important?

With over 75% of people searching the internet very rarely getting past the first page of search results, it is clear to see why SEO is important. In most cases, websites that make it to top search results are perceived by Google as being trustworthy, credible and authoritative. When your website is on the top page in search results it goes to show your authority in your field.

Some of the benefits of having a great SEO campaign include:

  • It helps draw traffic to your website
  • It helps enhance your reputation
  • It helps in the generation of leads
  • It helps increase sales
  • It helps build brand credibility and awareness

Since a good SEO campaign is essential for increasing your online visibility, we strive to offer some of the best SEO services in Toronto. We are able to do this by coming up with an SEO campaign that is unique to your business, brand or website.

How does SEO Work?

Every once so often, Google revises its guidelines in determining which website deserves to be on the first page and which one doesn’t. A number of factors are taken into consideration during the revision process. For example, the guidelines may take into consideration the quality of content, the keywords used or the website’s backlinking. They may also take into consideration the technical condition of the website among other factors. Bear in mind that websites that rank highly and make it to the front page of search engines have a higher chance of obtaining a lot more leads and traffic that those that came in later pages.

Whenever Google revises their guidelines and necessary changes are made, it is important that websites follow suit lest they be left behind in the ranking process. With the regular revision of set guidelines by Google, it is easy to understand the frustration of many website owners which find themselves shifted from the first page of search results simply because they are yet to incorporate the newly revised guidelines.

Since the Google updates tend to be abrupt and normally catch website owners off guard, it is a great idea to make use of our services to ensure that your website does meet Google’s ever-changing guidelines.  We do understand that for your search engine optimization campaign to be great, there is a need to include a plan for the regular Google guidelines updates in addition to ongoing maintenance.

The SEO Process

Keyword Research

With keywords being of great importance in search results, it is important to ensure that your website does have the most relevant keywords that help drive targeted traffic to your website. We help ensure that your website includes some of the most industry-specific keywords and company used keywords to help drive targeted traffic to your website.

Reaching Target Audience

When you make use of the most appropriate keywords in your website, you help drive target traffic to it. The increase in traffic will ultimately result into an increase in revenue r sales for your website or business.

Long Term Tracking

We are able to provide you with measurable results. We are able to do this by regularly evaluating your website and making adjustments to it as the need arises. For this purpose, we make use of long-term tracking methods.

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What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is a highly targeted marketing strategy. This strategy is not only great for bringing in targeted traffic to your site but it is also great for helping convert potential clients into real clients.

With that in mind, it can be painful to have a great product or service but when you are forced to watch your potential clients access your competitors’ website simply because they rank highly on search engine results. But don’t despair; with the right SEO campaign, you too can help improve your search engine rankings thus improving your online reputation and upping the revenue got from your site.

Why Thunder Rank?

Since SEO is a great return on your investment that is also cost-effective, it is important to make use of proven SEO techniques to help increase your customer base through targeted traffic to your site. Besides creating unique SEO campaigns to suit your business needs, we make use of long-term tracking methods for each of the campaigns we come up with. This is why it is a good idea to entrust us with your SEO campaign strategies.

With our proven SEO techniques, we are able to help you attract a steady flow of customers to your business or website while at the same time helping maintain your online presence.

We are able to provide our clients with highly customized SEO solutions to suit their business needs. We don’t just present you with an SEO campaign from the air; our experts take the time to run an SEO audit of your website to find out where your strengths or weaknesses lie. When we are done with the audit, we present you with a report that outlines the position your website is in.

We take a look at your competition and gauge how your website measures to theirs then we set about to make improvements on yours so that you outshine the competition. We carefully assess the technical condition of your website as well as your company’s competitive landscape to see where you need the most improvements. From our findings, we will be in a better position to come up with a personalized SEO strategy that is geared at enhancing your online presence thus improving your raking on search engines.

We are not focused on your short-terms success; rather we are focused on your long-term success. This is why when you hire us; we strive to provide you with regular progress reports to help you gauge your journey so far. We are able to accomplish this by making use of the latest SEO techniques in addition to paying close attention to the industry standards.

With so many different variables involved in establishing good rankings on search engines, why not hire us to help take care of your SEO campaign? We understand the need of having a website on the first page of search engines which is why we strive to help improve your website’s ranking.


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