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Driving results is our passion and this is what motivates us. We take pride in our clients’ success stories as a result of our service. We have proven processes to help your business improve it’s organic rankings in search engines.

We're Partners

We work with our clients long term to continuously provide them with continuous results month-over-month through digital marketing. We don’t just want to help you succeed, but we want to be there every step of the way.


Every single month, we provide you with a report of the growth in traffic we’ve driven to your website. We’re also very transparent about every part of our process. We create legitimate links through our unique outreach process.

No Contracts

We do not lock you into long term contracts. Why should you be locked in continuous payments if you see no results? We focus our dedication on providing results and we trust our results will keep you as our client.

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Our Services

If you’re looking for a partner to help you grow your business, we’re here to help.
We can provide a variety of inbound marketing services.

Search Engine Optimization & Local Search

Search Engine Optimization is the process of helping your business obtain more natural, organic traffic from search engines. Our SEO strategy is proven to help your business broaden it’s organic reach to help it increase it’s overall sales.


Unlike many SEO agencies, we use white-hat SEO tactics which won’t risk having your site penalized. Our SEO campaigns are content driven to help you increase your overall brand presence online.


Have you noticed a sharp decline in traffic? Have you noticed your rankings drop? Are you looking for new strategies to obtain new clients and customers? Then look no further. The specialists at Thunder Rank will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Benefits of our SEO Strategy

  • Increase volume of targeted traffic to your website.
  • Increase overall business sales.
  • Increase Conversions through SEO.
  • Grow brand presence online.
  • Grow your authoritativeness.
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PPC Ad Management

Thunder Rank provides professional PPC Management Services in Calgary. Our expert team of PPC Specialists will help you manage and continually optimize your campaign to help you continually increase the conversion rate of your campaign.


PPC Campaigns generally require keen, consistent monitoring, analysis and tweaking to be very effective. We monitor a variety of factors such as click-through-rate, quality score and conversion rate to help you maximize the effectiveness of your Ad Budget.

Benefits of Our PPC Management Services

  • Quick results and instant traffic to your site.
  • Maximize overall ROI.
  • Increase conversions through your website.
  • Increase quality in leads.
  • Increased traffic to your website.
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Website Design Services

You’ve probably heard the saying that “First Impressions Matter” and this is remains true with your online presence. In today’s era, you’re online presence is more important than it has ever been.


Here at Thunder Rank, we can work with you to help you build an SEO and user-friendly website that represents your brand the way it should. We build our websites implementing the latest design standards to make sure that you website remains effective for the years to come.

Benefits of our Web Design Services

  • Improve your online brand presence.
  • Personal consulting services.
  • Mobile & tablet friendly.
  • Built with SEO in mind.
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Our Blog

When it comes to increasing visibility and growing your business, the most powerful tools at hand are SEO marketing tactics. Now, more than ever, clients and customers alike are relying on search engine results to provide them with fast, accurate, and valuable results.

People are looking for answers to a never-ending stream of questions, and they’re getting online to do it. Here at Thunder Rank, we want our clients to be those answers. Online marketing is the quickest and most dependable method to ensure that your business is growing naturally, organically, and efficiently.

Our business is driven by results—and yours can be, too. For those who want to expand their outreach, grow their customer base, and dominate that coveted first page, our SEO services in Calgary are here to help.

Search engine optimization is a targeted, streamlined approach to expanding visibility, authority, and value—three traits that search engines hold dear.

Any time a query is entered, a search engine displays thousands upon thousands of results. How do search engines decide which sites are listed on the first page?

The answer, of course, is search engine optimization. This type of online marketing is defined by the following characteristics:

* Targeted approach towards a specific customer base

* Extensive keyword research

* Focus on endowing relevance and authority through links

* Deep understanding of search engine ranking factors

Although millions of results may be displayed, only 25% of online users even bother to look past the first page. Without a solid SEO strategy, low-ranking businesses are at a distinct disadvantage.

SEO marketing is an effective long-term solution for invisible websites. By boosting a site to the first page of search results, a business is automatically increasing traffic, enhancing visibility, and boosting sales—all done organically.

The best SEO company will bring expert knowledge on how to make search engine algorithms benefit their clients. With expert knowledge and proven techniques, a results-driven SEO company can create dynamic, results-driven websites.

Search engine optimization is a highly competitive market. Every business, company, and entrepreneur wants the same prime listing: the first search engine page. The truth of the matter is that, if your business isn’t listed on this page, you may as well not be listed at all.

With so few spots available, finding the best SEO company is crucial when looking to increase your visibility across Calgary.

Our SEO strategies and techniques have proven results, helping businesses succeed across North America. By paying attention to market trends, emerging keywords, and establishing links, our Calgary SEO services can dynamically grow your business.

In partnering with us and using our SEO strategies, Thunder Rank is proud to provide the following benefits:

* Increased volume of your target traffic

* Higher overall sales

* More conversions through SEO practices

* Increased online presence for your brand

* Pronounced authority in your field

Without a strong digital marketing campaign, websites fail to rank, meaning that businesses lose clients to competitors. There are few things more frustrating than watching your products or services get passed over simply due to a lack of visibility.

That’s where our SEO strategy comes in. Our expertise in digital marketing can illuminate your business, targeting your specific audience with highly researched keywords and a deep understanding of how to use search engines to your advantage.

Thunder Rank is a trusted and valued SEO company, both driven and powered by results. Our success stems from our three marketing principles:

Personal Approach

Our primary focus is to give you the success that you are looking for. This means taking an in-depth look at your history, your goals, your current strategy, and future strategies.

No two businesses are alike, and no two success stories will follow the same path. Our marketing plans are personally tailored to give each client their individual success story.

Progressive Learning

Enlisting our services for your Calgary SEO needs means starting a partnership, one which is built to help you succeed over the long term. This means adopting a progressive learning approach—successful SEO knows that tracking, comparing, and understanding the fluctuations of the digital market is key.

Progressive learning means providing you with the tools and the knowledge to continue to grow. We strive to provide continuous Calgary SEO services, tracking monthly results and helping you through every step of the process.

Results Oriented

Here at Thunder Rank, we love seeing our clients succeed. SEO is all about creating and driving results, and our digital marketing services aim to provide the best results possible. Rather than use lengthy contracts as our motivation, we use your success instead, creating a tailored, results-driven marketing approach.

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